A day in Miami

86,400 seconds. 1,440 minutes. 24 hours.
Throughout the course of the average day, these numbers seem rather insignificant. Time flies by with different events, tasks, and situations we encounter each and every day.
But what if you had only one task, one goal, one focus throughout an entire 24 hour period?

Does it sound boring? When it comes to a 24 hour endurance race, try exhilerating, overwhelming, and exhausting, all at the same time.

At the end of December, our TWOth Autosport team entered its first 24hour endurance race with the ChumpCar program at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Southern Florida. 24 hours of non-stop competition with a 23 year old Honda Civic race car was certainly no easy task.

By the time the dust settled at midnight, NewYears, we finished 5th of 49 cars. Albeit a solid finish for our group, the result still tasted a little bitter-sweet, following two fuel-related mechanical setbacks. Having lost a total of 24 laps to the leader, our quick little Honda, with a tremendous effort from our drivers and crew, managed to regain 10 laps on the leaders to finish only 14 back.

Aside from the result, the 24hour in Miami was a great step forward for the team, proving that we not only had a competitive car, but a reliable one, along with the drivers and preparation required to be a top performing team in this growing endurance series. Our next stop at Road Atlanta may not be as long and gruelling as Miami, but we certainly intend to ride this confidence and continue to improve as we head south again for the February 7th 14hour!

Photos from the 24h at Homestead-Miami:





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