ChumpCar: 14hr at Road Atlanta


Although we’re only a month into 2014, the racing season has already begun for us at TWOth Autosport. This weekend, we’ve made the 20 hour drive down to Braselton, Georgia. The first race on the ChumpCar World Series calendar is a gruelling 14 hour endurance event running from 8am to 10pm this Saturday, February 8th at the famous American road course, Road Atlanta.

Campaigning our 1992 Honda Civic, TWOth and BogieMen Racing will compete against some of the top ChumpCar teams in North America, with 109 cars on track at once! And new for 2014, we’ll be blogging throughout the event with updates, photos and video so everyone back home can stay up to date!


The car before loading up at Calabogie. Hopefully it stay this pretty all weekend!
Chump_sideChump_rear Chump_front


Testing the interior blacklight, red LED dash light, and high-powered LED spot and flood lights

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  1. travis says:

    First practice just finished up! We’re settled in our pit, and got a nice shakedown run in the books. Car feels great.
    For P2 & P3 we’ll start going through the driver lineup to get everyone seat time. Road Atlanta is one of my favourite tracks, but certainly an intimidating beast. Thankfully ChumpCar was able to give us a test day to get up to speed!

    • Morrisburg family says:

      Good luck guys…
      We’re curious how the Chumpcar compares to a shifterkart coming under the bridge flat out.
      Does the pit wall intimidate as much?

    • Mom and Al says:

      So, everything started this morning ok? Keep us in the loop as to how things are going! Good luck!!!

  2. travis says:

    We were running 7th a little past the 1hr mark when the brakes overheated. New pads on the first driver change and we’re back out. We’ll see where we end up after the first round of put stops are complete

  3. travis says:

    After changing brake pads at the 2nd hour and getting hit off track early, we got the car back on track around the middle of the pack. 3 driver stints finished now, I just got out of the car after a full run. Car handles and feels great!
    Scary moment late in the stint when our radiator mount broke and dropped the water, but we managed to catch the water temps in time and made it in to the pits to change rad. 4th driver in the car now, back out and running some clean laps.

    We may not be in contention for the win anymore, but deep into the race is where problems can start to arise. The goal is to keep the car clean and pick off spots as the race turns into a war of attrition.

  4. travis says:

    Update from the rest of the BogieMen crew:

    The #449 VW Golf TDI of Longhill Racing unfortunately dropped out early with my suspected blown turbo.

    The #429 BMW E30 of CMP was running strong when an electrical gremlin sent them to the paddock around the 2-3hr mark. The Powersports Garage guys are still hard at work sourcing the problem so we can get the car back out.

  5. dave Hill says:

    Hey , from the back seat , Uncle David says “drive right “

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