Ottawa-Based Switzer Goliath


As many know, my involvement with famed horsepower junkies, Switzer Performance, has for the most part been in street and road course applications. Because of my experience and network within the industry, I tend to focus my energy on taking their massive horsepower-producing abilities and making them practical and functional on the race track. That being said, there’s something raw and exhilarating about seeing how fast we can make a car go!

So when a friend and Ottawa-based client decided he’d like to turn his P800 GTR into an absolute beast on the drag strip, I ¬†knew the end result he was looking had to be handled by Switzer directly.

With a certified roll cage tastefully tucked beneath the interior and parachute mounts for a goal of 1500+ whp, this renown build has taken a considerable amount of development and testing to get where it is today. With that much effort from a talented perfectionist like Tym Switzer, its no wonder the car just took the quarter-mile record for E85 fuel.

Oh, and that 1500+whp goal? It made 1600whp the first day of shakedown dyno testing.


Check out the video below of the first test with the new Goliath build – 8.4 seconds on a cool October day.
I can’t wait until we get real traction with this beast! 7′s are certainly possible!


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