Car Support


Track Support

The focus of TWOth Autosport is to support customers in the management and servicing of their vehicles throughout track day and racing events. Car prep, transportation, pit support, and car setup consultation are all available, as well as more specific driver support, such as data acquisition, race craft coaching, and co-driving for longer endurance events.



Car Setup

Experienced track enthusiasts and racers know, performance parts only show true value when used to their full potential. What good is an extra 100hp without the traction to put that power to the ground? Or an adjustable coilover suspension without proper feedback and fine tuning to get the most out of each corner?
From the simple items like tire pressure and temperatures, to more advanced vehicle dynamics such as compression/rebound shock adjustments, corner balancing, alignment and aerodynamics, TWOth has the knowledge and experience to dial in street and track cars to achieve their true potential and give drivers more confidence behind the wheel.





Vehicle Development

Before any car hits the track, service and development is required to ensure proper performance and safety standards are met. With an on-site facility at Calabogie Motorsports Park, TWOth Autosport is able to build and develop cars with a premier testing ground only steps away. Bolt-on upgrades, minor fabrication, scaling, alignment, and servicing are all available on site.
Due in part to their vast industry network, more advanced modification and builds are also available through a series of trusted automotive partners.


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