What is ChumpCar?

ChumpCar is North America’s home for affordable and competitive endurance road racing. Timed, long distance races at North America’s leading tracks, ranging from 7 to 36 hours in length, requiring multiple drivers.

TWOth Autosport uses ChumpCar as a fun, economical, and educational way to introduce clients to the world of endurance racing. The race format, high car counts, series schedule & tracks visited, preparation, and lack of politics provide the perfect environment for a fun and ultra competitive racing series.

It is arguably the best series to gain driving and racing experience.



Car Builds

Anyone can take a $100,000 sportscar and make it a little faster. What intrigued the Hill brothers was taking older street cars and developing them into competitive racing machines.

With a passion for 90′s Honda Civic’s, the first TWOth ChumpCar was based on the 1996 Honda Civic, an old street-driven car that had been around since Travis’ college days. As the team progressed, so did their build philosophy, along with their competitiveness. 2012 brought with it a new car build, this time a ’92 Civic, to which included a number of updates.

After 2 seasons of racing and increased popularity in the series, TWOth grew into an arrive & drive race team. The winter of 2014/15 saw an incredible 6 new Civic builds emerge from the TWOth shop at Calabogie Motorsports Park, creating a complete customer program, including build, development, storage and track support for their drivers and car owners.

Now, with a successful multi-car team competing in races across North America, the development rate and performance is higher than ever within the TWOth camp. And understandably, 2015 saw either a podium finish or race win for every single TWOth-built car in the ChumpCar series.

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Come Racing!

A unique form of endurance racing, ChumpCar World Series is quickly becoming a major racing platform in North America, allowing enthusiasts to economically compete at the most prestigious racing venues.┬áBut don’t be fooled by the low budget – ChumpCar is a very competitive series with large fields and close racing, giving drivers of any level an excellent opportunity to develop their racecraft and compete.

Want to try a race? TWOth Autosport is well established within the series and has a number of opportunities for drivers to get involved. Practice days at Calabogie, individual driver entries, multi-race programs, complete car rental, and car ownership are all available. With 8 team cars competing throughout the season, TWOth can easily place drivers with teammates of similar abilities or provide the track time and coaching to get drivers more comfortable in different racing situations.

Having built matching cars with identical suspension, drivetrain and accessories, rental drivers can rest easy knowing preparation is a priority to TWOth. In addition to complete servicing before each race, cars are constantly being developed and tested for increased performance and reliability, even featuring unique car setups specific to each track visited. Common parts between all TWOth cars also allow the team to ensure adequate spares are on hand for every race, in the event of a failure or collision on track.


2016 TWOth team schedule

Calabogie switzer TWOth Autosport Entrack