Switzer Clubsport GTR – Part 1


Its coming.

Switzer’s first complete turnkey GTR solution, the Ultimate Street Edition, rewrote the books on what a built street car could do. Everything the factory Nissan GTR was, but with a double-dose of adrenaline for those looking to assert their dominance on the street. Upgraded suspension, brakes and wheels, including a number of interior, exterior and chassis options, along with a built engine and transmission producing a whopping 1000hp.
With a warranty.

Now, I’m working directly with Switzer to expand their turnkey lineup. After years of product feedback from our customers and development on multiple projects, we’ve started production of the first Switzer Clubsport GTR. Instead of dominating the street like the USE, Clubsport customers can take their Switzer car to the track with the same confidence. This purpose of this car is to be the fastest street legal car on any given lapping day.

Using a GTR straight off the dealer floor, the new project is already underway at Switzer’s primary facility in Oberlin, Ohio. Although I can’t release exact specifications just yet, customers can expect a built engine similar to that in the Ultimate Street Edition, but with a more efficient turbo setup and tune to optimize performance on the track. Suspension, brakes, interior, and exterior are all optimized for track performance as well, but maintain functionality for street use, allowing owners to drive to and from their lapping days with the creature comforts and drivability they’re used to in a Switzer car. For the more serious lapping enthusiasts, additional track-based options will be available including a setup guide for different track layouts and driving conditions.
And yes, a warranty will come standard with the Switzer Clubsport as well.

Testing is planned this winter in the southern US, however, final development will be conducted at Calabogie Motorsports Park in the spring of 2014.


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